Sunday, 4 March 2012

Pan fried haddock with seafood, wild venison chorizo and lemon mash

Another wonderfully simple combination of fresh clean flavours brought to life with a little gamey spice.

This will serve 2 people

1 haddock fillet cut into four
1 lemon, zest and juice
2 medium potatoes
150g queenie scallops
150g clams
50g chilli venison chorizo chopped quite finely
Splash white wine
Handful parsley
Sea salt
Olive oil
Milk for mashing

Put the potatoes on to boil. When ready mash with a little milk, juice and zest of half a lemon and parsley. Season the fish with the other half of the lemon (juice and zest). Five minutes before potatoes ready pan fry the haddock in a warm pan for a couple of minutes on each side until cooked and a little browned. In a separate pan heat the chorizo and a little oil for around 30 seconds. Add in the clams and scallops with a splash of wine, cover and cook until the clams open (around 2 minutes). Serve the fish on top of the mash, surrounded by the seafood, chorizo and liquor from the pan.

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