Monday, 16 April 2012

Shimla Pinks, Glasgow

If you're the type of person who judges a book by its cover then you've probably not eaten in Shimla Pinks, a family run Indian restaurant on Pollokshaws Road. The paint is a bit peeling on the outside walls and you imagine it needs a little freshened up as a whole. These were my first impressions and it didn't inspire me to visit. However, my wife booked it, and so I went along. I'm glad I did. When you walk through the door the transformation from outside is amazing. A funkily decorated restaurant with a modern bar, low Indian background music and an airiness to it.

With ice cold Cobra duly delivered I set to taking in the menu. Deciding on sharing a mixed pakora I would have liked a little bit more meat than the two pieces of chicken and had hoped for some fish. But it was well cooked pakora with a light batter and there was quite a lot if it. The sauce really brought it to life, bags of chilli flavour and a fair bit of heat. This is the way I really like it. It always brings back memories of Saturday afternoon treats as a child, when we would go to Goodies 2 on Great Western Road.

The curries in the deal came with pilau rice but since coming back to Scotland I can't resist getting a proper naan. If you don't know what I mean then buy one on both sides of the border and you'll understand. What I wasn't prepared for was the weeks worth of carbohydrates that arrived on a plate. The naan here is quite simply HUGE. Don't get me wrong, this isn't some gimmicky nonsense, this is a fantastic, well cooked naan bread, it's just the super size equivalent.

The curries were both excellent, my wife's Lamb Patia especially. Wonderful spicing with a real tangy sweet and sour flavour from the tamarind. The kind of sauce that you would have on it's own mixed with rice and find delightful. My Lamb Parsee was also delicious, well spiced and with a thick black lentil dahl and a lemony finish to it. When we had finished (not the whole naan!) we both commented on how light the curries had been, there wasn't that uncomfortable fullness that you often get by clearing your plate in an Indian restaurant. When we spoke to the charming lady serving she told us it was because it was all cooked with oil and not ghee. Now some of you traditionalists may not like this, which is fine, but I thought it was excellent to have that freshness of flavour, tenderness of meat and lightness all together.

All in all it was a really good meal, the service was great, the food excellent and the atmosphere very relaxed and welcoming. I'd definitely recommend looking past the outside decor to the extensive and varied menu awaiting within. But don't get a naan each! Shimla Pinks on Urbanspoon

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